Burial register ID: 8024
Surname: CUMMOCK
First name: ALEXANDER
Middle names:
Gender: Male
Age: 28 Years
Cause of death: Unknown
Burial type:
Date of death: 25-May-1898
Date of burial: 27-May-1898

Block: 33
Plot: 17

Bio contributor: Nancy Wilson

Alexander Watson McLean Cummock was born to John and Jane Cummock (nee Watson) in 1870. He worked as an ironmonger in Cumberland Street, Dunedin. He died on 25th May 1898 aged 28 years.

There are 12 Interments in this grave:

Surname First names Age Date of death Date of burial
CUMMOCK ALEXANDER 28 Years 25-May-1898 27-May-1898
CUMMOCK ELIZABETH 81 Years 12-Jun-1892 14-Jun-1892
CUMMOCK JANE 61 Years 12-Dec-1893 14-Dec-1893
CUMMOCK WILLIAM SMITH 9 Months 04-Sep-1876 06-Sep-1876
FRASER JOHN 41 Years 02-Jul-1936 04-Jul-1936
FRASER PEARL MARGARET 77 Years 21-Sep-1971 23-Sep-1971
MCLEAN ALEXANDER 4 Years 09-Apr-1891 11-Apr-1891
MCLEAN ANDREW WATSON 79 Years 25-Jun-1932 27-Jun-1932
MCLEAN ELIZABETH CONNELL 51 Years 21-Jun-1912 24-Jun-1912
MCLEAN JANE HOWIE WATSON 7 Weeks 17-Jul-1885 20-Jul-1885
MCLEAN JOHN CUMMOCK 76 Years 24-Sep-1964 25-Sep-1964
MCLEAN STELLA 4 Days 13-Sep-1918 13-Sep-1918