Burial register ID: 4232
First name: MARY
Middle names: ANN
Gender: Female
Age: 58 Years
Cause of death: Unknown
Burial type:
Date of death: 29-Oct-1884
Date of burial: 02-Nov-1884

Block: 100
Plot: 10

Bio contributor: Simone Lehr

Mary Ann Bardsley c1826 – 29 October 1884

Mary Ann Bardsley was the wife of Moses Bardsley, who set up the first soap-manufacturing firm in New Zealand in Cumberland Street in 1859.

From small beginnings, the company soon grew into the largest and most complete of its kind. Messrs Bardsley and Son was also the first soap-manufacturing firm to turn their attention to the manufacture of fancy toilet soaps on a large scale. Their “Prize Pal” soap had a reputation all over New Zealand. The competition presented by the McLeod Bros, another soap-manufacturing factory that was also situated in Cumberland Street (next to the present-day Cadbury factory) may have proved too much for the survival of the company.

There are 18 Interments in this grave:

Surname First names Age Date of death Date of burial
BARDSLEY DEVINA 88 Years 22-Jun-1967 26-Jun-1967
BARDSLEY ELIZABETH 76 Years 21-Jul-1934 22-Jul-1934
BARDSLEY JOHN 87 Years 18-Aug-1927 20-Aug-1927
BARDSLEY JOHN SNR. 84 Years 25-Apr-1888 27-Apr-1888
BARDSLEY KATHERINE ELIZABETH Unknown 01-Feb-1958 01-Feb-1958
BARDSLEY LUCY JANE 82 Years 27-Apr-1958 28-Apr-1958
BARDSLEY MARY ANN 58 Years 29-Oct-1884 02-Nov-1884
BARDSLEY MATILDA 72 Years 05-Sep-1916 06-Sep-1916
BARDSLEY MAY 70 Years 05-Aug-1952 07-Aug-1952
BARDSLEY PERCY 84 Years 17-Oct-1969 18-Oct-1969
BARDSLEY SAMUEL Unknown 03-Jul-1894 05-Jul-1894
BARDSLEY WILLIAM JULIAN Unknown 25-May-1946 28-May-1946
BARDSLEY WILLIAM LONGWORTH S 69 Years 28-May-1957 31-May-1957
HOGG DOREEN LILLIAN 74 Years 02-Oct-1992 05-Oct-1992
HOGG JOHN DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY 80 Years 16-Sep-2000 20-Sep-2000
STARR IRENE LILLIAN 77 Years 18-Apr-1971 20-Apr-1971
STARR JOHN 67 Years 27-Aug-1955 30-Aug-1955
WHITE ANNIE 82 Years 09-Apr-1965 12-Apr-1965