Burial register ID: 15204
First name: ROBERT
Middle names:
Gender: Male
Age: 81 Years
Cause of death: Unknown
Burial type:
Date of death: 19-Mar-1933
Date of burial: 21-Mar-1933

Block: 191
Plot: 17

Bio contributor: Amanda Kennedy

Robert Crawford 1851-1933

Robert Crawford made his fortune through the gold-rush in Otago, not as a gold-digger, but as a hardware merchant, which was how most of Dunedin’s fortunes were made. He had four daughters: Essie, Nellie, Agnes and Ivy. He retired in his fifties and lived in Highgate. He is remembered by his granddaughter, Daphne Purves, as ‘a very dynamic character, lots of personality. He taught me to play five hundred and he would slap the joker down on the table–very forceful!’

He is also remembered as being generous despite his Scottish origins. ‘He was well-to-do, having invested profitably in the McGeorge Bros gold-dredge on the Kawarau, and when his daughters were in their late teens he gave them both a trip to England, which was most unusual in those days.’

Robert was a great help to his daughter Nellie and her children during the difficult First World War years. He died in 1933 at the age of eighty-two and is buried in the Northern Cemetery in Dunedin.

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There are 7 Interments in this grave:

Surname First names Age Date of death Date of burial
CRAWFORD AGNES ELIZABETH 36 Years 01-Mar-1896 01-Mar-1896
CRAWFORD AGNES ELIZABETH 18 Years 29-May-1914 30-May-1914
CRAWFORD EDITH MAY 59 Years 22-Nov-1894 24-Nov-1894
CRAWFORD EDWARD ROBERT 8 Months 26-Aug-1886 28-Aug-1886
CRAWFORD MARGARET WYLIE 75 Years 15-Sep-1941 16-Sep-1941
CRAWFORD ROBERT 81 Years 19-Mar-1933 21-Mar-1933
MCLAY IVY IRENE 25 Years 10-Jul-1917 12-Jul-1917