Burial register ID: 15067
Surname: CAMERON
First name: ELIZABETH
Middle names:
Gender: Female
Age: 99 Years
Cause of death: Unknown
Burial type:
Date of death: 14-Oct-1931
Date of burial: 16-Oct-1931

Block: 34
Plot: 23

Bio contributor:

Elizabeth Cameron (nee Taylor) was the daughter of William, a coach builder from Cork, and his wife Arabella, both of whom died young, leaving a family of two boys and three girls. Elizabeth and her sisters lived with their Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Anthony Doyle, although under the guardianship of Lady Haberton, dowager of the Viscount, Arther James Haberton.

In February 1857, Elizabeth together with her brother Thomas Kinsley Taylor, who was also a coach builder in Cork, emigrated to Australia on the ship “Montmorency”, travelling first class. It is thought that she emigrated because of her “delicate” health (she lived to be 98).

When she followed her husband to Dunedin in 1863 she wept bitter tears at the primative conditions she encountered there after the more “civilised” life of Melbourne. She possibly saved her life, on arrival, by not embarking on the “Pride of Yarra” for the trip from Port chalmers to Dunedin. This ship was involved in a collision and sank with the loss of nearly all the passengers and crew.

The pair later built and occupied a house at 24 Oban street, Roslyn.

Following the death of Alexander in 1891 , she was joined by her brother in Dunedin.

Ref: Gregory’s – Camerons Printers to Dunedin. Compiled by Nevill Wilson and Edgar Gregory fom notes and material assembled by Elizabeth Gregory.

There are 5 Interments in this grave:

Surname First names Age Date of death Date of burial
CAMERON ALEXANDER 57 Years 10-May-1891 12-May-1891
CAMERON ALEXANDER 15 Months 02-Jun-1877 05-Jun-1877
CAMERON ELIZABETH 99 Years 14-Oct-1931 16-Oct-1931
CAMERON ELLEN LYDIA 40 Years 17-Dec-1916 19-Dec-1916
CAMERON WILLIAM 69 Years 07-May-1941 08-May-1941