Burial register ID: 12703
Surname: GASTON
First name: ADA
Middle names:
Gender: Female
Age: 49 Years
Cause of death: Unknown
Burial type:
Date of death: 18-Feb-1915
Date of burial: 20-Feb-1915

Block: 198
Plot: 43

Bio contributor: Sharon and Barry Gaston

Ada Gaston (1865 – 1915)

Ada Gaston (nee Fisher) was born on 9 August 1865. She married the Rev Samuel Gaston. Her parents, John and Eliza Fisher arrived in Auckland on the “Matilda Wattenbach” in September 1862 and Ada was born in Auckland in 1865.

Samuel came from Co.Antrim, Ireland as a lad aged 17 years. Ada and Samuel married in Gisborne on 15.6.1898 and had 5 children. They were:

John Fisher Gaston – 1899 – 1998

Ruth Grizell Gaston – 1900 – 1979

Alfred Joseph (Joe) Gaston – 1901 – 2001 !

Emily Gaston – 1903 aged 8 days

Ada Evelyn Gaston – 1906 – 1993

Ada and Samuel began their married life farming at Nuhaka. They sold this farm and moved on to another at Ormond. The farm in Ormond was sold when the family moved to Dunedin when Samuel entered the Presbyterian Ministry.
It was during the family’s stay in Dunedin, that Emily and Ada passed away.
Samuel decided to retire from the Ministry and moved his growing family back to the North Island where they farmed at Kio Kio.
He did some part-time Ministry whilst in Kio Kio and died in Hamilton in 1924 aged 57 years

A young Ada Fisher before her marriage
Source: Sharon and Barry Gaston

There are 2 Interments in this grave:

Surname First names Age Date of death Date of burial
GASTON ADA 49 Years 18-Feb-1915 20-Feb-1915
GASTON EMILY 8 Days 18-Oct-1903 20-Oct-1903