Burial register ID: 11982
Surname: DALY
First name: ANNIE
Middle names: MARIA
Gender: Female
Age: 68 Years
Cause of death: Unknown
Burial type:
Date of death: 02-Apr-1911
Date of burial: 04-Apr-1911

Block: 172
Plot: 3

Bio contributor:

Annie Maria Daly c1843 – 2 April 1911

James Daly was a Publican of Princes Street, a native of Ireland who had lived in New Zealand 26 years at his death. Annie Maria Daly was a native of Carlow, Ireland, and lived in New Zealand for 43 years. They are buried toagether with two of their daughters, Catherine and Anne, and both the girls’ husbands.

There are 7 Interments in this grave:

Surname First names Age Date of death Date of burial
DALY ANNIE MARIA 68 Years 02-Apr-1911 04-Apr-1911
DALY JAMES 61 Years 10-Jul-1888 12-Jul-1888
DALY JAMES 1 Days 18-Aug-1886 19-Aug-1886
MILLER ANNE JOSEPHINE 52 Years 06-Apr-1934 07-Apr-1934
MILLER SYDNEY 10 Months 23-Jul-1921 24-Jul-1921
PRICE CATHERINE ELIZABETH 80 Years 16-Mar-1951 19-Mar-1951
PRICE GEORGE 77 Years 30-Mar-1942 01-Apr-1942