Burial register ID: 10984
Surname: JOWITT
First name: JOHN
Middle names: HERBERT
Gender: Male
Age: 41 Years
Cause of death: Unknown
Burial type:
Date of death: 18-Mar-1908
Date of burial: 20-Mar-1908

Block: 84
Plot: 11





John Herbert Jowitt

Born at Leeds, England

16th July 1866

Died at Wellington

14th March 1908

Aged 41 Years

Also Eric

Infant son of the above

Died 26th Feb 1895 Aged 31/2 Months

Bio contributor: Andy Jowitt

John Herbert Jowitt was born on 16 July 1866 at Leeds, England to Robert Benson Jowitt who was a well-to-do wool broker in England.

He had three brothers – Fred, Bob and Tommy( Edward Morris).

The father gave each of the four boys a choice of a world tour or going to University. John, who was the eldest boy, chose going to university at Oxford but he didn’t get his degree. Instead he got into debt through gambling.

He set out for New Zealand via Australia. In Melbourne he met his wife.

When he arrived in New Zealand he bought a plot in Lawrence and employed Chinese labour to find gold.

He married Rinah Hales at All Saints church in Dunedin on 16 Feb 1892. His son, Eric Samuel Jowitt died at the age of 3 months.

Two of John’s brothers who had chosen a world tour rather than going to university met up with him while they werer in New Zealand.

John eventually went back to England to get rid of his debts there but was not successful . He came back again to New Zealand but died on board ship at the end of the journey in Wellington

He was finally buried at the Northern Cemetery in Dunedin. His son. Eric, is buried with him.

There are 2 Interments in this grave:

Surname First names Age Date of death Date of burial
JOWITT ERIC SAMUEL B 3 Months 25-Feb-1895 27-Feb-1895
JOWITT JOHN HERBERT 41 Years 18-Mar-1908 20-Mar-1908